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Angora is a young girl with an unexplainable power to cause living things to grow or heal themselves. Her appearance is also notable due to her striking green hair.

Angora is currently on a mission to fulfill a request given to her by her dying "Grandfather." She is headed north towards the capitol city of Caris (Citeran), to seek "the center," although it is not known what that could be at the time. She has gained a reluctant traveling companion, Pinter deJersi in her journey northwards.


Angora originally hails from an obscure community called The Monastery, located deep in the southern Caris jungle. Its teachings of respect and pacifism have imprinted heavily upon her, and like many commune members she is a vegetarian. She appreciates and loves all types of animals and insects, with a special affinity towards butterflies.

She is also very energetic and enjoys climbing and being in trees. Her guardians initially tried to stop this dangerous behavior but gave up after realizing that it was impossible to completely prevent her from engaging. Although she engages in risky maneuvers such as jumping from tree to tree and swinging from high branches, she has never had an accident.

Unconventional appearance

Angora's greenish hair is attributed to moss and small plants that have adhered themselves to the hair. She has no explanation as to how this could be, nor how the plants have manage to survive and thrive in such a foreign environment or after washings. Her hair is seasonal, and blooms with orange flowers in the spring. Angora is very sensitive about her hair and does not like for it to be touched or handled by anyone other than herself.

She also prefers to wear less clothing, finding it cumbersome and overstimulating, though again this strange behavior was not encouraged by members of the commune.


A mysterious entity whom she calls "Grandfather" allegedly bestowed unnatural abilities upon her not too long ago. As far as it is known, her powers allow her to manipulate and grow living beings, especially plants.