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Blooding, or the act of becoming blooded, is when an adult Pasori male kills an enemy of his respective tribe or country. More honor is ascribed to kills where the enemy slain is a high ranking male and where the blooded individual suffers little or no injury.

Unblooded males, in addition to children and females, retain and wear their white belt on a daily basis. After a male becomes blooded he receives the traditional red belt to replace his white one, which is burned. In rare cases a Pasori child or female may receive a red belt, but only if it is proven that they made the kill themselves and that it was in defense of the tribe.

An adult Pasori male who has not become blooded for a significant amount of time following his adulthood ceremony risks losing his status and possibly his place in the tribe.

The practice has survived to the present, though usually in the context of the compulsory armed services.