International Outreach

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The ill-fated International Outreach was a meeting between the Emperor of the Territories and two ambassadors from Caris (as well as two aides and four porters). The two Carissi ambassadors in attendance were Ambassador Aray and Ambassador Alovan, a relative of the Queen. The goal of the meeting was to agree upon a border in the country of Olo, especially near Lopine, and to generally improve relations between the two countries. The meeting was planned for the afternoon June 10, but was extended to the evening and the following day due to a scheduling conflict.


Both ambassadors were invited to a semi-formal dinner at which the Emperor, his wife, and local heads of office were in attendance. Near the end of the meal the Emperor's wife was struck suddenly ill, and died shortly thereafter. In a fit of rage, the Emperor may have caused or ordered the death of the Outreach attendees from Caris. Only Ambassador Aray survived the ordeal, having been returned via steam carriage to Caris border (albeit in poor condition). The remaining members of the Outreach were not returned. The Emperor made his official declaration of War against Caris on June 11, 754.