Northern Territories

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The Northern Territories, also called The Territories, are comprised of all of the lands of Old Mesda combined with those of the Pasori Nation (formerly called Borea). The Territories are ruled by Emperor deSadar.

Old Mesda collapsed after end of the Thirty Years War due to widespread famine and unrest. The North succeeded in retaining some government and structure and recovered in a short amount of time. The South suffered badly from military leaders and secessionists for a great while until the reunification.

The city of Treston was one of the first recovering hubs of what would become the Territories. Treston declared itself a country in 728. In 737 Emperor deSadar led the Olo Acquisition, gaining the region of the same name. In following years the Emperor continued his expansion. Steffonia, harbor for the anarchists of the previous years, was the last to join in 741.

deSadar re-titled himself Emperor in 738, after uniting the Pasori Nation with the Lower Territories.

Regions of the Northern Territories

The states of the Lower Territories

The tribes of the Outer Territories