Pasori Mepat

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The Pasori Mepat is the third largest Pasori tribe in the Pasori Empire. Their totem animal is the skunk.

The most Southernmost extant tribe of the Pasori, the Mepat are mostly responsible for the peace accords between the Pasori people and the Santri. Santris often stereotype the Pasori based on Mepat-specific characteristics, such as strong smell and striking costume. Other Pasori tribes consider the Mepat to be weak ("thawed"). Historically, Pasori youth from other tribes routinely crossed Mepat borders to harass and kill Santri, causing much consternation between the neighboring peoples. Nowadays the Mepat are still discredited adn considered a lower class of Pasori due to their ineffectual dealings with the Mesda in the past.