Phe deSadar

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Phe deSadar
the wife
Race: Santri
Birth Year: 707
name also means

Phe deSadar (December 3, 707- June 10, 754) is only wife of the Emperor Luca deSadar. A Santri Generalist, she is also the mother to a prince and two princesses.

Life preceding the dissolution Mesda

Phe deBetel was born in a small farming community just south of Avoset. Her father, a farmhand, left shortly after her birth to fight in the Thirty Years War. Her father and two older brothers died during this time. Her mother a seamstress, continued to raise Phe and her older sister Lily alone following the death of her husband. In 717 the family fled North to Polisa with other refugees during the Central Occupation. It is generally accepted that she became acquainted with her future husband during this time, though she never explicitly confirmed this info.

deBetel continued living in the north following the death of her mother in 723 and the end of the war in 727. There she worked in food service, becoming part-time manager of The Spotted Bear. In 731 deBetel became reacquainted with her childhood friend Luca deSadar at a Committee meeting.

Lady of the Territories

deBetel married deSadar in 733. She has been by his side constantly since the public announcement of their union a year later. While she tends to keep out of public view, the strength of their marriage is a widely known fact and a frequent topic of discussion. Lady deSadar regarded by the people as a kind and loving person who strongly supports rights and services for children and the elderly. Several orphanages have been opened and sustained with her support. Lady deSadar has had three children by the Emperor, Rana (born in 735), Suda (born in 737) and Hyla (born in 745).


Lady deSadar died under mysterious circumstances while attending a state dinner at which Carissi ambassadors were present. At the moment, the exact cause of death is unknown.