Pinter deJersi

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Pinter deJersi
The Prodigal Son
Race: Santri
Birth Year: 728

Pinter deJersi ("PIN-ter"; born 728) is a mapmaker, and the second son of notable Santri adventurer and cartographer, Roman deJersi. He had until recently been living in the Southern Jungle near an RLC logging camp. The wood/metal skullcap on his head is worn by the religiously orthodox Northern Santri, but at this point in time Pinter wears it mostly out of habit rather than deference.

It is presently unknown why Pinter has situated himself so far South, but he spent some time at the Monastery recovering from an illness or injury at the same time that Angora was living there.

Pinter has a predilection for alcohol, especially "the burns".