Rana deSadar

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Rana deSadar
the eldest
Race: Pasori/Santri
Birth Year: 735
Rana in Basori

Princess Rana deSadar (born August 8, 735) is the eldest daughter of Emperor Luca deSadar and his wife Phe. She has two younger siblings, her brother Suda, and her sister Hyla.

In accordance with Pasori tradition, she is not eligible to take the throne following the end of her father's reign, as she is a female. She will instead retain the title of Princess for life.

Personal life

Rana was born around the time Luca was elected General Secretary, and appeared quite often at his public appearances as an infant in her mothers arms. During her early teenage years however she fell out of public view. Whether this is due to her father's wishes or her own remains unknown at this time.

Those familiar with her have described her as having a strong personality, and is sometimes difficult to get along with. When not spending time with her brother she prefers to be alone. However, she excels in all of her studies and has been lauded by her tutors for her excellent math, music and language skills.