Suda deSadar

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Suda deSadar
the prince
Race: Pasori/Santri
Birth Year: 737

Sudacris deSadar (born May 14, 737) is the second child and eldest son of Emperor Luca deSadar and his wife Phe. He has an older sister, Rana, and a younger sister, Hyla.

Suda is well-loved by all citizens of the Territories. His birth was cause for celebration among the Pasori people, as it ensured the continuation of the venerable Sadar family bloodline. The Santri have taken to him as well, due to his easy-going nature and likable attitude. His growth has been closely followed by the country by means of newspaper accounts and public appearances, many citizens feel a deep attachment from following his progress so closely. The 750 census showed that Suda was the second most popular name for newborn boys, after Luca.

In an anonymous poll carried out by the underground publication, The Tide, over 70% of persons polled said they would rather have Suda serving as the current head of state.

Prince Suda constantly undergoes training in anticipation of his future role. Furthermore, the Emperor has allowed his son to serve as Regent in a few highly publicized instances. Suda is fully expected to succeed his father as the Emperor of the Northern Territories.