"How Father Dark Spared the Animals"

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How Father Dark Spared the Animals is a neutral Pasori folk tale about the beginning of the new world (the present). In it, the Pasori god-figure, Father Dark, punishes humanity for their trespasses against him.

When Father Dark found out what People had done, he was quite angry and threw them into the ground. He gathered his other subjects and said to them, “See what I have done! People disobeyed my rules, and I have punished them!”

All of Father Dark’s subjects, who we call animals, were very afraid. They trembled under his gaze as the snow grew deeper around them. Father Dark saw that they were afraid, and in his heart, felt sorry for them. But he did not show it.

“Why should Mother Light and I give you such care when all you do is flaunt it in our faces? Perhaps we have cared for you too long.”

“Please do not abandon us!” cried his subjects. “We have not misbehaved as People have! Give us another chance!”

By now the snow was very deep, and the sky was very dark (Mother Light had hidden herself out of shame because of what People had done). Father Dark looked sternly down upon his children and said to them “Very well. People have driven your Mother away; I cannot call her back. However! If you will obey me and raise your families in my name, I will not punish you as I have done to People.”

So the animals did as he asked.