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The Committee of Friends was one of several political groups that formed after the dissolution of Old Mesda. It was founded in 727 in the patriotic state of Treston, and placed the brunt of the blame for the collapse on Caris. The Committee was initially comprised of Santri members, though they went on to include a few Carissi who had thrown their support with the north. In the early 30's the Committee also began to accept Pasori individuals who they felt would best aid in bringing peace and stability back to Treston.

At the height of their power the Committee boasted a membership of nearly 70% of the population of Treston. It is not confirmed- but widely believed- that the Friends engaged in sabotage and subterfuge to increase their popularity. There is also a rumor that the portentous bombing of parliament was carried out by Committee members, but there is no evidence to support it.

After deSadar's election in 735 the Committee began to lose power. Many of its Pasori members supported deSadar directly, without contributing to the party. The Committee was torn apart by Emperor deSadar in 737, who called it a "refuge for rats." Its leaders were executed on charges of conspiracy and treason and, at the present, it is not recommended to speak of the defunct party where others can hear.


The Committee was very popular in the founding years for their traveling "Toria" meetings or political discussions. They were held in any place that would accommodate a small town's worth of people, including barns, churches and outdoor amphitheaters. Committee members and volunteers specially selected to travel the state would deliver news of what the leaders were planning and encouraged voting and opinions from the people. While Torias most often did not end in resolution, the gave the populace a feeling that the leaders cared about their ideas. Toria meetings became obsolete after the election of deVudres in 733 and subsequent surge in immigration, though local Toria-type public meetings continued for quite some time. Toria posters are highly prized (and highly illegal) souvenirs of the optimistic early days before the formation of the Territories.