Pasori Llivor

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The Pasori Llivor is the smallest Pasori tribe in the Pasori Empire. Their totem animal is the caribou.

The Llivor share the upper reaches with the Gulo, and the two tribes have considered each other their enemy for a long while. The original feud started with the wedded daughter of a clan leader hundreds of years ago. The Llivor who had stolen the girl bestowed a tract of valuable forest to her father as payment for the girl. However his party was beset by Gulo hunters who had been unaware of the arrangement, and the girl was accidentally killed. When the Llivor demanded his land back, the Gulo leader refused, saying that his daughter had already been paid for. The Llivor have always considered Gulo cheaters from that day forward, and delight in cheating and stealing from them.

The Llivor raise herds of caribou and use them to transport loads and people, as well as for a food source.