Thirty Years War

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The Thirty Years War was the great war fought between Old Mesda and Caris from 697-727.


The Caris sent slaving ships up the coast into the Pasori nation from 688-697, under orders from King Amakessar IV. Using more technologically advance weaponry, the Caris managed to capture thousands of Pasori people. Enslaved Pasori were brought south to preform forced labor under brutal conditions. Many of the great structures of Caris, including the Citeran Dome, were built with Pasori slave labor.

Weak Mesdan reaction spurred Carissi slaving activity. Northern Mesdans were more angered by the invasions than their southern counterparts, as the Treaty of 652 had technically made them wards of Borea. Southern representatives were overwhelmingly unwilling to confront Caris on the issue, not wanting to offend their powerful and wealthy neighbor. Encouraged by the lack of reaction from Southern Mesda, Caris continued their raids.

The Brevon Incident of early 697 was the turning point in Mesdan opinion. Several escaped Santri made their way back into Mesda from Caris, claiming that they and others had been abducted by Caris slave ships. An outraged Mesda demanded that Caris remove all vessels from Mesdan waters. The King ignored all demands and continued the invasions, realizing that the Mesdan navy was unable to enforce them.

The increase of Mesda troops at the southern border (ostensibly to aid escapees) was the trigger for war. King Amakessar IV declared war on Old Mesda on May 3rd. The announcement was followed with public burnings of hundreds of Pasori. Thousands more were murdered in the following years.