Treaty of 652

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The Treaty of 652 is the name of the agreement signed between Santri representatives from Old Mesda and Pasori representatives from the Pasori Nation to bring an end to border raids and killings between the two groups.

The treaty called for an end to unauthorized immigration or emigration between the two realms. To cross the border one had to pass through several checkpoints and, once cleared, wear an identification band or scarf denoting Pasori or Santri origins. The option of permanent citizenship was not offered until several years after the Treaty. The terms also allowed for trade between the two groups at specific locations on their border. Members of either group present in the other's territory without proper escort or identification were subject to elimination at any time. Inevitably problems arose due to miles of unwatched borders and continuing dissent between both sides.

The treaty was signed by the leader of the Pasori Mepat and by a Mesdan committee. Up until the dissolution of Old Mesda the non-Mepat tribes contested the treaty vehemently, stating that they had not been asked for their input. The Pasori Kan in particular were guilty of having intentionally broken the terms of the treaty.

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