The Monastery

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The Monastery is the affectionate name given to a previously-abandoned religious and military structure located deep in the southern jungle.

The structure was originally known as The Mission of the Path of the Sacred Ray, commissioned by the Church during the reign of Amakessar I. After falling into disuse, the building was revived as a military building, and then abandoned once again. The Monastery currently houses a commune of 50 or so members. It is also generally regarded as the furthest outpost between civilization and the unknown and uninhabitable Southern wilds.

Members of the commune have devoted their lives to pacifism and harmonious living. Due to their increasing proximity to Carissi logging and penal operations, they have become in recent years more guarded and wary of strangers, and have occasionally been subject to attacks and theft. However, they still accept temporary visitors, and are known for helping travelers who have become lost or injured. The group is currently comprised of peoples from both Santri and Carissi backgrounds, but would consider integrating individuals from any background if such persons were seriously interested in joining.

The Monastery is often considered by outsiders who are aware of it to be a myth, or the subject of derision.

Angora, a unique young woman, hails from The Monastery.

Monastery life

Members lead a simple life mostly comprised of tending to crops and making improvements to the small community. They are dedicated vegetarians and despite their name, not conventionally religious. Instead, great focus is given to attaining spiritual harmony with the environment and other living creatures. Both adults and children are encouraged to meditate and spend time alone, in addition to their interactions with others.

Military use

The now ruined complex was once used by Caris during the Thirty Years War, under the military name Fort Absol. As the southernmost outpost, it initially housed intelligence and other classified materials, but eventually fell out of use due to inaccessibility. The military fortified existing cellars beneath the structure to create an underground network of tunnels and bunkers which are still in use by Monastery residents to this day.